How to Find the Best Review Sites for Your Industry

by ThriveAdmin | September 29, 2017 | Learning

Every industry has different review sites that are the most popular. Google and Facebook reviews are always meaningful for any industry, but how do you know what other sites you should be on?

The answer to that question isn’t always cut and dry. There is a good way, though, of taking a look and making sure you’re on the best ones for your specific industry, in your specific city or town. Here’s how.

First, make sure you open a private browsing tab.

In Firefox, click the dropdown menu in the upper right and choose “New Private Window”. In Chrome, click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and click “New incognito window”. In Microsft Edge, click the dropdown menu in the upper right and click “New InPrivate window”. in Internet Explorer, go to Settings > Safety > InPrivate Browsing.

Opening a private browsing tab means you’re signed out of all search engines, so they can’t use any of your browsing data and history when showing you results. Search engines like to serve you results they think you’re looking for, so they’ll put sites you’ve visited up near the top, even though they may not be near the top for other people. It’s called “personalized search”, and it changes what appears in search results for you.

Second, search yourself.

Open Google and type in the name of your company. Take a look at the first page of results. What results show up there that are review sites? For instance, if you’re a restaurant, you might see Google, Facebook, Yelp, OpenTable and Zomato. If you’re a roofing contractor, on the other hand, you might also see Google and Facebook, but you’ll probably also see Houzz, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau.

So, search the name of your business and jot down all the review sites you see on both the first and second page of results.

Next, search a keyword phrase.

What’s the one most popular keyword phrase you’d like to come up for in your area? Let’s go back to our roofing contractors, and let’s say they’re in Dallas, TX. For them, their keyword phrase is probably “roofing contractors Dallas”. If you’re an Italian restaurant in Fort Worth, maybe its “Fort Worth restaurants”. Whatever you decide the phrase is, make sure you’re still in a private browsing window and type it in.

Now, you’re going to get different results. Remember our roofing contractors from before? Now, we’re searching “roofing contractors Dallas” and we’re seeing Home Advisor, D Magazine, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack take top spots. Open up all of these and look yourself up to see how you appear. Where are you on these sites, if you’re on them at all? How do your ratings look?

Now, search a direct competitor.

Seeing what sites come up when you search a direct competitor is a great idea, to make sure there’s nothing you’re missing. Where is this competitor listed that maybe you’re not? Take note and gather some new ideas for more places you can be to reach your customers where they’re looking.

Finally, decide what’s most important.

You probably have a nice little list, now, of review sites that you’re either on or should be on. Which ones are the most important to your business, and your industry? Make sure to think about those that come up especially on the first page for you. If your ratings aren’t great on those first couple, starting there might be the best idea. Otherwise, try to think like a searcher when you’re choosing which review platforms to focus on. What probably matters the most to them? Which sites are they looking at to search for what they need?

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