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Houston, Texas , 77056
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TBC-Brineadd, LLC has not been rated.

TBC-Brinadd, LLC is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of specialty chemicals and additives providing superior products and additive solutions for the service organizations supporting the oil and gas industry. TBC-Brinadd also works with its service company customers, to create customized formulations. These customized formulations are produced by TBC-Brinadd for distribution as private labeled products, which are under the service company’s product branding.

Houston, Texas , 77056
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Texas Brine Company, LLC has not been rated.

Texas Brine Company, LLC, together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is the largest independent brine producer in the United States, supplying over 30 percent of the brine requirements of the chlor-alkali industry. Texas Brine is a family-owned business based in Houston, with a proud heritage in salt-related businesses since 1926. Texas Brine helped pioneer the commercial production of brine through solution mining in Texas salt domes, developing its first well in 1946, and co-founded the Solution Mining Research Institute to promote understanding and expertise in the evolving field.

Houston, TX, 77056
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United Salt Corporation has not been rated.

United Salt Corporation (USC) is a privately owned distributor of salt products used primarily as a food ingredient, in chemical processing, oil field drilling and production fluids, deicing, hide curing, agricultural feeding, commercial, industrial and residential water softening, and for chlorine generation in swimming pools. United Salt Corporation (USC) will provide our customers with the highest level of product quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction in doing business with USC while maintaining a competitive price in the marketplace. USC will provide our employees with a safe work environment while encouraging all employees to participate and assist in continuous workplace improvement with the collective goal of improved company performance and profitable growth.

Houston, TX, 77006
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Bare Necessities Spa & Boutique - Montrose Spa has not been rated.

Bare Necessities Spa & Boutique – Montrose Spa is the premier location of Bare Necessities Spa, located in Houston. Providing relaxing and rejuvenating waxing and spa services, such as: bikini wax, Brazilian wax, dermalinfusion & microdermabrasion, organic skin tanning and more!

Houston, TX, 77057
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Bare Necessities Spa & Boutique - Tanglewood Spa has not been rated.

Bare Necessities Spa & Boutique – Tanglewood Spa is the second Bare Necessities spa opened in the greater Houston area. Providing top-tier waxing and spa services, such as Brazilian Wax, Bikini Wax, Microdermabrasion, Organic Skin Tan and more, our professional estheticians are ready to provide you with the best spa experience!

Houston, TX, 77002
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Leo Lapuerta, M.D. Plastic Surgery is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 186 reviews from around the Web.
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The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas, directed by Dr. Leo Lapuerta, is dedicated to providing the best patient care and surgical outcome for every individual we serve.

Houston, TX, 77064

ASAP has earned the trust of thousands of clients nationwide in our 60 years of service. We pride ourselves on prompt and reliable security services. Our team of professionals are knowledgeable, courteous, and diligent. ASAP is here to help in any capacity, no matter if you are a national retail chain, oil refinery/facility, or a homeowner; we can help you stay safe and protected. Turn to the name trusted for over 60 year and see the ASAP difference.

Houston, Texas, 77063
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Green Residential is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 280 reviews from around the Web.
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Green Residential is a real estate management company that provides property management services to owners and investors of residential properties across Houston, Texas.

I love our rent property and Green Residential has been very prompt and helpful during the entire process including paperwork, lease renewals, and maintenance requests.
Nicole Rolison
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