Study Shows Online Reputation Management Helps Businesses Boost Sales

by ThriveAdmin | May 1, 2018 | Reputation Management

Clutch, a platform of in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders, published a new study showing just how important online reputation management is to companies and brands in 2018. The study, which surveyed 224 digital marketers in the United States, shows that companies plan to allocate more resources to reputation management in 2018 to boost their online success.

Here are the highlights from the survey!

Want to boost sales? Try online reputation management.

Clutch’s study found that, of all the benefits of online reputation management, the greatest achievement of allocating resources to it is a boost in sales. Other positives businesses are seeing as a result of ORM include increased brand recognition, standing out from competitors, a better position in organic search, and more.

Having a clean and prominent online reputation helps customers decide to go with your service or product over that of a competitor. That means an increase in sales! The other items on the above list, such as greater brand recognition and the ability to stand out from competitors, also lead to more sales: you just need to know how to leverage them and turn them into increased sales.

ORM: Necessary for Successful Businesses

Another question on the survey was whether Online Reputation Management is necessary to the health and success of a business. More than half of those surveyed say it is:

We’re predicting that this number will continue to grow by leaps and bounds throughout the upcoming year. It’s clear that Google values customer reviews, counting your review signals as either 7% or 12% of your overall organic ranking profile, depending on your type of business. In addition to Google using that review data to rank your website in its search results, your customers are beginning to expect to see those positive reviews before they’ll even visit your website. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!

Reputation Management Tools Are Widely Used

Of the businesses surveyed by Clutch, 67% said they use reputation management tools to help manage their reputations online, and 49% rely on an external agency.

Did you know that functions as both a tool and the basic ORM services you’d get from an agency? Not only is an easy and comprehensive review monitoring and management tool, but we put our team of experts behind managing it for you. So, instead of paying for both a tool and thousands for an agency, is the perfect hybrid of both.


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